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VIP Benefits Include:

  • 10% Discount on All Merch At Event: Save on all Fresh Heir merchandise, only available at the concert.

  • 15% Discount on Tickets for Next Concert Date: Be the first to secure your spot at the next Prince KJ concert with a special discount.

  • Custom-Made Self Portrait by Keziah Joy ($500 Value): Take home a personalized self-portrait crafted by the talented artist Keziah Joy.

  • 30-Second Custom Song by Prince KJ ($650 Value): Receive a unique, personalized 30-second song about you, created by Prince KJ.

  • Name Listed in the End Credits of the Fresh Heir Concert Documentary: Get your name featured in the concert documentary credits for lasting recognition.

  • Limited Edition Infinite Freedom T-Shirt, Signed by Prince KJ ($200 Value): Own an exclusive, signed T-shirt that showcases your support for Prince KJ.

  • Brand New KJV Bible with Personal Thanks and Encouragement Letter by Prince KJ: Take home a KJV Bible with a heartfelt message from Prince KJ.

  • Access to the Royal Vault (80+ Unreleased Songs by Prince KJ and Various Artists): Dive into a treasure trove of over 80 unreleased songs from Prince KJ and other artists.

  • Custom List of Top 20 Christian Artists Compiled by Prince KJ and Keziah Joy: Explore new music with a handpicked list of top Christian artists.

  • Chance to Come Up on Stage for a Music Video Cameo with Prince KJ: Experience the spotlight with a cameo in a music video alongside Prince KJ.

  • Personal Shoutout on Our Social Media Platforms with Picture and Tags: Get a personalized shoutout on Fresh Heir’s social media channels.

  • This Ticket Pays It Forward for 2 Others to Join the Concert Live: Share the love by enabling two more fans to attend the concert live, courtesy of your VIP ticket.

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